Honesty, Hope, Happiness

The Buck Project values

The Buck Project team worked together to agree upon Our Values, giving us a basis for understanding how we behave towards others and why this is important in our work. After much discussion and thought we chose Honesty, Hope and Happiness.

Work with our clients starts with our Honesty. Through our honest and sometimes blunt interactions with our clients we show them (with empathy, patience and kindness) that we care enough to help them realise that there is always Hope.

Hope leads to opportunities and our team are role models to that. We show our clients that they have a choice and provide them with tailored opportunities that will help move their lives forward - life can be different if they want it to be.

With our support, clients move to a position of feeling and then becoming independent. They make decisions for themselves and they start to see the consequences of positive actions, creating Happiness for both them and their families.

We work closely with other organisations to make sure that they have a purposeful support network in place.

In our work, our hope is to have happy relationships, allowing us to be totally honest with each other.

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The Allen Lane Foundation.
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